About Us

Ceecons ® India is one of the leading Engineering Companies manufacturing Process Plant Equipments such as Agitator, Mixer, Heat Exchanger etc. for Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Fertilizers, Metallurgical and Food Processing Industries. Ceecons India has developed standard model of Agitators, Flashmixer, Flocculators for Water and Waste Water treatment.

Our Mission

Provide State of Art, Cost Effective, Reliable Mixing solutions to all our customers.
We achieve this mission by,
bullet   Use of quality raw materials.
bullet   Focussing on continuous improvement.
bullet   Caring for Safety, Health and environmental aspects.
bullet   Professional and client focussed approach to our solutions.
bullet   Use of defined process control at each stage of manufacturing.
bullet   Treating and Understanding each customer’s requirement individually.
bullet   Maintaining strict national and international standards as specified by customers.


Ceecons India has extensive testing facility to test agitators on no load or water load. Thirty agitators can be tested simultaneously on no load. Each and every agitator manufactured undergoes rigorous testing before dispatch.
Following testing are carried out :
bullet   Shaft run out
bullet   Temperature at bearings
bullet   Current and voltage
bullet   Noise level
bullet   Vibration
bullet   Rpm of the agitator
bullet   Paint thickness



The performance of the impellers are tested in our pilot plant. Both flow study and power characteristics are established in the pilot plant.