LN Series of agitators are available in 100,110,125 and 160 series. LN series agitators are designed for water/waste water treatment. The agitator is designed in modular concept for easy assembling and dismantling. The housing is cast Iron and additional taper roller bearings are provided inside the housing. Flexible coupling isolates the drive from shaft bending moment. The bearings and Gear box are provided with life time lubrication. Wide range of impellers is available to suit process conditions. High efficiency helical gearbox and energy efficient motor form the drive train.


LN110/110G MODEL

LN110/110G models are designed with integrated support arrangement. Two additional taper roller bearings provide sturdy support to the shaft. Flexible coupling isolates the drive shaft from the bending moment of Agitator shaft. All the components are totally enclosed inside a corrosion proof Cast Iron housing. Ideal work horse for out door installation and dusty environment and water & waste water treatment plant.